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PrimeGene  for you

--- Offer from gene synthesis to protein expression and purification related comprehensive service
--- Help you save valuable research time
--- Provide you with assured quality products and worry-free after-sale service guarantee
We have undertaken more than a thousand large-scale service projects from start to finish every detail very seriously the needs of customers, to ensure that: Prudent, prompt service, comprehensive skills, advanced equipment, adequate resources, cost-effective.

Protein expression, fermentation, purification services

Protein Expression Systems:E. coli, yeast, baculovirus - insect cells, mammalian cells

Step:Gene synthesis - amplify the target gene was subcloned --- transformation (transduction or transfection), expression and expression optimization test

Molecular biology technology services

Gene synthesis, cloning, gene mutation

Detection class service

Gene sequencing, amino acid sequencing, purity analysis, endotoxin detection

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