PrimeGene's New Home!


How excited we were to move into our newfacility in July, 2015! Everything is NEW!

PrimeGene now is located at Shanghai BayValley Science Park, which is a Hi-Tech science park led by a well-known FudanUniversity to drive innovation. Our new site has 1900 square meters with 3sized class10K protein purification labs, and one independent 120 square metersclass100 lab equipped with two lyophilizers. Our production capacity wasdoubled.

Shortly after we moved into our newfacility, our ISO 9001 was recertified. High investment for high reward: Nowwith more investment in Primegene, we are looking forward to collaborating withBiotechne’s commercial team around the world and also be able to execute aChina for China strategy in Biotherapy, IVD and cosmetic space.