PrimeGene offers highest quality and cost-effective protein custom services from regular to GMP-grade proteins.PrimeGene is ISO 9001:2008 certified with 1900 M2 manufacturing facility, has successfully completed thousands of large-scale projects. We pay great attention to every detail of our customers’ requests. This ensures that our products turn out just the way our customers want. Our scientists have developed methods to express and purify some of the most challenging proteins with the highest bioactivities on the market.

Our Advantages:

Fast and reliable deliveries

Excellent quality

Customer-focused R&D

Molecular Biology Services


Complex Gene Synthesis

Free Codon Optimization

Rapid, 100% sequence accuracy guaranteed


Gene Synthesis


Site-directed Mutagenesis

Protein Expression & Purification


Years of successful Service experience for domestic & International clients

Customised protein expression and purification

Tag removal, denaturing and refolding

Industrial level fermentation capacity

Production scale from milligrams to kilograms

Protein Expression Systems:

E. coli Expression System

Yeast Expression System

Baculovirus - Insect Cells Expression System

Mammalian Cells Expression System

Analysis Services

Gene Sequencing

N-terminal Sequencing

C-terminal Sequencing

HPLC Purity Analysis

Endotoxin Test

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