PrimeGene, a Bio-Techne brand

PrimeGene is a leading provider of recombinant proteins with high quality and competitive price. It was established in Shanghai in 2006 and became a subsidiary of Bio-Techne in 2014. PrimeGene gained ISO 9001:2008 certification in 2014. It has 1900 square meters of manufacturing facility with three Class 100K protein purification facilities and one independent 120 square meters class 100 lyophilization room. Through rigid QA and QC programs, all our products have high purity, indisputable bio-activity and low endotoxin levels. They can be widely used from basic scientific research to cell therapy. We have developed and manufactured more than 500 of the most widely used recombinant proteins for over twenty species.

PrimeGene’s custom services include gene cloning, protein expression, fermentation, purification, lyophilization, and antibody preparation. Besides offering bulk packages, we also provide sub-packaging and lyophilization services to meet customers' special requirements.  

The major applications of our products are cell therapy, culture media, cosmetic/beauty products, bioprocessing and IVD antigens.