uMarkerTM Western Blot Marker, manufactured by Shanghai PrimeGene Tech Ltd., is designed for Western blot. It consists of eight recombinant proteins in the range of 12-90 kDa. The 70 kDa protein is a pre-stained marker used for monitor of the electrophoresis process and evaluate Western blot transfer efficiency. The other seven markers can bind to human, mouse, rat, goat, sheep and rabbit IgG with their IgG banding site. This allows for direct visualization of the markers on the X-ray film after ECL development.

SDS-PAGE Standard Protein Marker (Low and Middle Range) consists of 6 types of lyophilized proteins (40 μg each). Using the Laemmli method, after SDS-PAGE and R-250 (Coomassie Blue R-250) staining, our product produces six uniform bands.

Product Advantages

Easy storage;

Broad scope of use-applicable to numerous SDS-PAGE electrophoresis;

Clear and uniform bands;

Consistency between different batches of the product

SDS-PAGE Standard Protein Marker (Low and Middle Range) 

Usage Instructions:
Centrifuge the product briefly prior to opening the package to allow the powder to aggregate at the bottom of the vial. Afterwards, reconstitute the product in 200 μl of 1xSDS reduced loading buffer and divide into 20 aliquots (10 μl per aliquot). Store the product at 20 C. Prior to use, melt the re-suspended product at room temperature and heat it in a hot water bath for 3-5 minutes.

uMarker® SDS-PAGE Standard Protein Marker (Middle Range)
Cat. # Size
801-01 20 Lanes

uMarkerTM Western Blot Protein Marker

uMarkerTM Western Blot Marker contains the following characteristics: 1. uMarker can be used to monitor the electrophoresis process and evaluate Western blot efficiency. 2. uMarker can be used in a wide variety of SDS gels and produces clear bands. 3. uMarker has high precision. The amount of uMarker required for different experiments has already been determined and thus can help the experiemtnter better approximate the amount of protein present and minimize the quantity of buffer used.


A. 12 % Glycine-SDS-PAGE gel(10 wells)

B. 12 % Tricine-SDS-PAGE gel(10 wells)

C. 4-20 % Glycine-SDS-PAGEgel(15 wells,imported pre-made gels)

In each of the 3 samples, 5 μl of uMarker® Western Blot Marker was loaded, and examined using standard Western Blot techniques (primary antibody” rabbit polyclonal antibody, secondary antibody: goat anti-rabbit-HRP antibody). Results for each of the three samples are shown above.


1. Thaw at room temperature and mix gently.
2. Load 1-5 μl uMarkerTM Western Blot. We recommend testing different loading amounts of the standards to determine the optimal amount to use under your experimental conditions.
3. After electrophoresis, transfer proteins to a NC or PVDF membrane.
4. Perform the blocking step followed by incubating with primary antibody and secondary antibody.
5. After the thorough washing, incubate membrane with ECL reagent, and then expose the X-ray film in the dark room.
6. uMarkerTM Western Blot Marker is stable at 4 °C for six month. Please put at -20 °C for long term storage.

uMarkerTM Western Blot Marker:
Cat. # Size
803-01-20 20 Lanes/100μl
803-01-50 50 Lanes/250μl
803-01-100 100 Lanes/500μl
803-01-250 250 Lanes/625μl×2
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